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We get the best price for your business

Many business owners who decide to sell a business themselves end up selling for less than the fair market value, because they don’t know how to properly value their business. In other cases, some business owners will value their business too high, and they will not be able to sell their business. Our professional business brokers will give you an objective perspective based on a comprehensive business analysis and evaluation. 

Confidentiality is key

If the general public were to know that you are selling your business, it could negatively influence your vendors, employees or customers to leave you and push them towards your competitors. This can result in declining sales and thereby a declining business value. Confidentiality matters more than anything when you are looking to sell. Our business brokers have access to confidential marketing tools that will disclose the fact that you are selling your business only to very specific, vetted potential buyers that completed a strict Confidentiality Agreement.

You can focus on taking care of business

In order to get top dollar for your business, you need to be focused on running it at its peak performance at all times. Therefore, we deal with the time-consuming and complicated process of advertising your business, finding qualified buyers and all the paperwork of the transaction.  We have an experienced team working on your deal that can meet everyone’s demands in a timely manner.



We know how to market your business successfully

Aside from digital marketing, direct mail, email campaigns, local and state-level multiple listing services, we also advertise and market the sale on many global websites. These are new and specifically tailored sales and marketing tools that are only accessible to business brokers that can result in more qualified buyers and higher values for your sale. 

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We have an extensive database of qualified buyers

Most qualified buyers search for business opportunities through contact with business brokers. We collect their information into a database to make sure to connect them with the right businesses. A business buyer is usually not rushed by time and will wait for the right opportunity to come along. Our team is experienced in marketing directly to their investment needs.

Paperwork and more paperwork

Evaluating the business, closing the deal, communicating between buyers and sellers all entail a great amount of time and paperwork. We take care of that for you, so you can effectively continue to run your business for optimal value. 

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Hiring us increases your chances to sell

As many as 60% of sales are never actually completed. Anyone can get a sales contract, but getting to the closing table and finally closing the deal is a tough quest. Regular complications can cause business buyers not to pull through.  Whether the issues are related to financing, appraisals or any other problem, our team will work to resolve the matters and help you become one of the lucky sellers.


We understand the local marketplace

Knowing the trends of the industry and local marketplace can be vital to selling the business quickly. Our business brokers use specific tools to assess the value of the business and see how well similar companies have sold in the area.

We create a bidding environment

The price of an asset goes immediately up when there is competition over it. Since we are experts at evaluating businesses, we can inform you when it may be worth waiting to sell or and when it’s time to settle. Our connections can encourage a bidding environment between buyers that can increase the price of your business.



Broker Buffer

Dealing with a buyer directly can be devastating to the business transaction. We often function as a great intermediary who will teach you negotiation tactics that can get you the best deal possible. Our team can work with both sides in an objective way and make sure to stay on top of both the seller and the buyer needs.

Making the complicated simple

You can rely on our experience to help you understand all the details of your transaction. Aside from clarifying and answering any questions you may have; our team can give you valuable actionable tips to increase the value of your business and how fast it can be sold. Whether it is contractual obligations or payout details – we are there to help you understand them.

Selling faster

Hiring our team makes your sale go imminently faster. Not only will you have delegated a specific team to take care of all the time-consuming paperwork, so you can focus on running your business, but this team is a professionals, who through years of experience, can work through the entire transaction at a much faster pace than you could yourself.



A network of professional advisors

We deal on a regular basis with CPAs, lawyers, bankers and other professionals. As a seller, you can benefit from our expertise and our already established relationships, so if you need expert advice and don’t know where to turn, we can assist you.

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Save Money on Advertisements

Advertising is expensive and upon the initial investment you may not be sure if it will pay off. We know how to successfully market the sale of your business. When we handle the marketing, there is NO UPFRONT FEE, and we will advance the cost of it completely. The compensation of this investment is included in the commission contingent upon the sale or however the agreement has been set up.

Coaching for buyers and sellers

As part of the role of the business intermediary, we will coach the buyer and the seller and help each understand any questions and concerns they may have. Questions always come up, and a good business broker will make sure they will all be asked and answered efficiently and accurately. 

Make your transaction effortless.
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