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Transworld’s M&A team of experts develop a comprehensive business plan using the highest standards of performance for each unique business transaction.  After the initial meeting, an accurate assessment and expert evaluation is provided along with an agreed price range for the sale of the company. 


Qualified buyers are screened professionally while adhering to the strictest level of confidentiality.  


As part of the due diligence process, negotiations between all parties are thoroughly handled by our team, giving the back and forth opportunity for questions and answers to take place as needed.  Before a final deal is made, all terms are carefully reviewed and agreed upon, so that the buyer’s and seller’s expectations have been satisfied in good favor.

You focus on your business / we focus on maximum value.

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Your Company May Qualify
for a Merger & Acquisition if it:

  • Has earnings greater than $1 million;
  • Is in a “roll up” industry, and strategic buyers are aiming to consolidate your type of businesses;
  • Is experiencing immense growth but is lacking the needed capital or resources to sustain that growth;
  • Possibly aiming to grow further while retaining equity.

Who are the Potential Buyers?

Private Equity Groups

Our M&A team has established relationships with many private equity groups who have raised millions to billions of dollars with the intention of investing in the private sector.  In some cases, Private Equity Groups are primarily interested in making a 100% purchase investment to acquire full ownership of companies. In other cases, owners may only sell a percentage of their company as a recapitalization investment.  This business technique may act as a multi-exit strategy, where owners can pull out cash right away while positioning the company for growth (sometimes 3-4x or greater) and setting themselves up for a much bigger profit down the road after another acquisition is made by a different Private Equity Group . Selling a small percentage of company’s shares can often be more profitable than if 100% of the company had been sold at once.

Wealthy Individual Buyers

Besides capital, they often bring excellent management skills to the table. They have the capability of raising a lot more money than their personal financial worth. Most wealthy buyers who invest in privately held companies are savvy in doing so. Their reputation in business acquisition reflects in their reputable decision-making skills at the board level to help market the company’s growth both financially and strategically.

Corporate Buyers

Corporate buyers normally purchase 100% of the company or seek to structure an alliance that will give them purchase power/ownership of company in future.

The M&A Selling Process, Executed by Our M&A Team of Experts

The M&A Selling Process, Executed by Our M&A Team of Experts


  • Your Goals: The Transworld M&A team meets you in person to understand your personal goals: whether you want to grow your company and need the expertise or more capital to do so; lack successors to take over your company when you are ready to retire; or have family successors in need of expert guidance to continue growing the company with or without extra capital. Your company may already be the target of an acquisition, and you may or may not be ready to sell. No matter your personal situation, we have the expertise you need to understand what to expect and what your options are to make this type of decision as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Your Options: Before making these huge decisions, our M&A business team will help you thoroughly understand and review all of your options, such as understanding the right time to sell; who your qualified buyers are; making strategic and financial decisions; how to raise capital; what your fees are; and anything else that comes up in the process of an M&A transaction you should be privy to.
  • Meet with Prospective Buyers: The Transworld M&A team are with you at every step. We target specific buyers that will be a great fit for your type of business. We arrange, manage and attend meetings with prospective buyers.
  • Valuation: Transworld M&A advisors are experts in making business valuations. You will understand what your company is worth and how to get its maximum value. mergers acquisitions south florida broker
  • A Strategic Plan: Our M&A advisors will determine the best plan of action in order to get your business to market. This comprehensive plan includes determining the right qualified buyers; making an accurate valuation; keeping the deal strictly confidential; and negotiating all terms, so we can close the deal successfully and efficiently.
  • Networking & Marketing the Sale: We take a multifaceted and strategic approach to review buyers’ qualifications and filter the best out to make a match. We create excellent competition to get you the best price.
  • Negotiate the Sale: We will advise you professionally every step of the way as we expertly negotiate all terms of the deal; perform comprehensive due diligence; communicate with attorneys, bankers, and CPAs; determine what should be included in the LOI and if an audit is necessary; and when to draw up the final agreements. As this is one of the most crucial steps of the business transaction, we have the confidence, knowledge, skill and experience to bring your deal to the closing table with the terms you are happy with.
  • Closing the Deal: Transworld M&A business advisors work tirelessly to get the deal closed. We make a final review of the definitive deal agreements; ensure financing has been set in place and coordinate wire transfers; arrange for lease transfers or real estate sales; and help you notify key employees at the right time about the impending company changes.
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